We’re a friendly PVE server with active admins (Big Jim, Checkmate, Lummeltje & Yalena) and friendly community.

How to join us.

You can find us by searching for “Zombie Nation” under the modded tab, then click on our server name in the list. You can also click the star icon if you wish to add us to your favourites tab.


Press F1 to bring up the console, now copy the connect info in the quotes below and past it into the console. Press enter and you should load into the Zombie Nation.

Zombie Nation EU server: “client.connect”

Zombie Nation US server: “client.connect”

Server Info:

– Zombie Hordes around the map aswell as on all major monuments
– Rideable Horses
– Personal cars and Boats
– 10 Day wipes with PvP for the last 24 hours of each wipe. Make sure you’re ready!!
– Deepwater Oil Rig Event
– Call Personal Helicopter or Bradley from /s shop – Works with custom damage plugin and locked crates
– Sky Diving!!!
– UI panels for Home, player and warp TPs
– Raid bunker on PvP island with lots of loot to be found
– Skinbox so you can skin your weapons and clothing
– Treasure Hunt
– Absolute Sorter – organising all your components into your boxes so less time spent trying to find what goes where
– Instant Craft
– Personal Base Elevators for Veterans
– Personal Home Recyclers for everyone
– Personal CCTV cameras around your base
– Fishing
– Quarries locked
– Boxes locked
– Corpse lock
– Supply drop lock
– No pay to win
– Player & Home Teleportation
– VIP & Veteran Status based on how long you play the server. 30 Hours for VIP and 75 for Veteran
– Furnace splitter
– No durability on tools and weapons for veterans
– Instant, unlimited TPs for VIPs
– Extended Mags
– Supply signals and RP for voters

and all this for free. All we asked is that you play for 30 hours to earn VIP and 75 hours for Veteran. Each forced wipe, we reset these stats so everyone starts fresh. You will keep your stats through the bi-weekly wipes. Players who donate get to keep there status slocked for 120 days and some RP as a thank you.



– Some swearing is permitted but please respect all players!- Don’t spam the chat.
– Racism will result in a permanent BAN!
– English in main chat please. You can use private messaging friends in any language you like.
– Building around monuments is against the rules and all structures will be destroyed.
– Trolls will be kicked


Our discord is a great place to keep in touch with your friends and meet new people from our server, and another way to contact our Admins who will help you if possible.
Click here to join Zombie Nation Discord 

Live Map

Zombie Nation live map